Mad About Abstract Studio

Keeping my abstract painting studio organized is an adventure. My bold painting style has a mind of its own. I usually paint by a bay window looking out to the back garden, but sometimes I paint by a set of french doors that fill my entire art studio with sunlight.
Artist Studio Supplies and Painting in Progress

The more I paint, the less time I have for anything else, so I make space for all my paint colours, canvas and finished abstracts by going through my home and giving everything I don't use to charity. Mixing the bold colours I need for painting is an all day event in my studio, but it's vital to my abstract painting style and having the extra space to store the paints is important.
I paint my abstracts in the moment, so I set up my painting area quickly when inspiration strikes. I arrange my already mixed paints, canvas and painting supplies around me in less than 5 minutes. If I use more time to set up it can block my creative process.

Then I’m off to the kitchen where I confiscate useful kitchen utensils and bags of flour to thicken and add texture to my paints. I don’t actually eat flour, I just use it for painting. My favorite artist tool is the everyday baking spatula and now I have a growing collection of spatulas that friends and family have given me for my Mad About Abstract studio.