How Colorful Modern Abstracts Make Home Decorating Easy

Hanging abstract paintings is an easy way to redecorate. It takes minutes instead of hours. So don’t bother painting your walls another dull neutral color. The walls may look fresh for a few days, but soon they’ll just feel drab and you’ll be tired of your living space yet again. A boldly painted abstract canvas will do a better job.

Wallpaper is another option, but it’s a big undertaking. A beautiful abstract wall hanging may be better suited to the space you’re decorating. A colorful contemporary painting will evoke that bright welcoming atmosphere you want for connecting with family and friends without the hassle.

Also if you want to declutter your living area and create better flow, rather than buying more furniture to put things in, let go of things you don’t need. If the room seems sparsely decorated after decluttering then hang abstract art on the walls to give the room that warm inviting lived-in feeling, because while sparse living spaces are trendy, they can feel cold when devoid of color. So fill up your walls with beautiful bold abstract paintings and live it up with the extra moving around space.

The abstract painting Bumpy Bus Ride is a textured acrylic in green, blue, purple, red and yellow. In this modern abstract painting the transit bus hits the brakes causing you to fall over the guy next to you and spill hot coffee on him. You start to apologize, but then you remember he was so rude to you the day before. This original wall hanging measures 18” x 24”.

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