Hang Bold Abstract Art to Bring Mismatched Home Furnishings Together

I like combining furniture and decor items that don’t match, it creates tension and interest and makes a room look bigger. Then if the contemporary abstract art I hang has the right mix of colors to go with each piece of furniture it brings the whole space together.  Too many people decorating with bland neutrals, so have fun with your home decorating.

This is how it works! Do you have furniture and home decor items that you want to place together, but the problem is that no matter what you do the end result just doesn’t work? For instance you want to place a striped armchair together with a floral footstool.

Then try this. Hang a bold abstract on your walls with colors that compliment both pieces of furniture. Watch the space be transformed into a cozy corner by using your colorful abstract canvas as the bridge to connect the mosaic of beautiful tones and textures in your furniture. The clashing fabrics now seem like they were meant to be together. Once you try this decorating with abstracts technique you’ll want to use it everywhere.

The abstract painting Backyard Lanterns shown above is a textured acrylic in green, blue, purple, red, yellow and orange. In this modern abstract painting strings of colorful paper lanterns are hung in the backyard as the sun goes down and gives ambience to an evening under the stars. Night is my favorite time of day. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".

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