Hang Abstract Art and Create Your Own Art Gallery

I hang original abstract paintings in every room to create an art gallery at home. Having bold modern art on display in my home is for everyone to enjoy. My living space shows my love of color, shape and texture with all the bold colorful canvases I have.

I love to pair colorful abstract art in my home with eclectic furniture pieces, comfy pillows and great lighting to show off the wonderful decor items I’ve collected over the years like pretty vases, pottery and glass. Of course it’s the beautiful modern abstract paintings I hang that bring everything in a room together. The colors and textures in the abstract art pick up all the colors of the surrounding art and decor, creating a dynamic multi-layered space.

If you’re starting a home decorating makeover and want your own art gallery, begin with the room you’re in the most then pick your colorful paintings first. You can update any space by using a bold contemporary painting, because abstract art creates a great focal point and brings all the other design elements in a room together. View your space with an abstract painting and then without and you’ll see the difference immediately.

The abstract painting Mother and Child shown above is a textured acrylic in green, purple, blue, red, yellow and orange. In this modern abstract painting a mother travels with her young child on the bus. While most of us are rushing off to work, she is raising the next generation. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".

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