Glossy Varnishes For Brilliant Abstracts

For bold textured abstract paintings I use a high gloss varnish. Colors and textures pop with glossy finishes, so the more shine the better for colorful abstract art. Varnish applied to bold textured abstracts highlight colors and contours to make an original painting a bold work of art. It’s also good to varnish contemporary canvases for added protection.

Experiment with a gloss or mat varnish on abstract paintings and decide what works for you. You might like both paint finishes for different reasons. I prefer a triple thick clear glaze spray varnish. The thicker varnish creates an abstract wall hanging that has more brilliance, depth and visual weight so my modern abstracts are like an added piece of furniture in a room. This helps create balance where needed in a space.

Gels mediums used to thicken paint during the painting process is another technique to try. Gels can add texture, slow paint drying times, add shine and translucence. Learn to use these different gel mediums to create effects that suit your constantly developing modern abstract painting style.
The abstract painting Lemons and Peaches shown above is a textured acrylic in red, yellow, orange, purple and blue. In this modern abstract paint was applied in bold swirls. An enticing fresh fruit market with rows of colorful sweet and tart fruit invites you to dream up a refreshing picnic dessert. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".

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