Healing With Abstract Painting

Use abstract painting as art therapy. Many things can be expressed with color and brush movement across a canvas like loss, anxiety, depression and anger. An abstract that you've painted tells your story and with continued painting you can move towards acceptance and even happiness again.

Try original abstract painting when you have trouble expressing yourself with words, because a picture does paint a thousand words. So if something has been bothering you, paint it out on canvas. When you find yourself using dark colors and jarring brush stokes in the modern contemporary abstracts you’ve painted you don’t have to recognize the image to see the pain behind it. This revelation and recognition of your state of mind will move you towards the release of those negative feelings.

The physical aspect of abstract painting is healing too, so I like use big canvases to paint on when I’m upset and I move the colors around aggressively on the surface. Your brush movement across the canvas and the color choices you make will change as you progress on to the next series of canvases. With abstract wall hangings you can see the healing happening right in front of you.

Sunset and Shadows shown above is a textured acrylic in blue, red, green, orange and yellow. Paint was applied thickly in dramatic swirls and loops in this modern abstract. A blazing sunset in the sky contrasts with the dark mountains below much like my state of mind. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".

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