Why Abstract Painting as if You’re a Kid is a Good Idea

Paint abstracts as if you’re a child. Children don’t get discouraged if a painting doesn’t look perfect. Use bold colors, try different painting tools, paint on big canvases (so have many canvases ready for this experiment) and soon you’ll see a colorful abstract masterpiece you like.

There is no wrong approach to abstract painting. The only bad abstract paintings are the ones left in your mind and not on the canvas. Dare to take chances with bold colors, blending colors, contrasting colors, textures, brush movement, shapes and paint layering in your modern abstracts.

When creating contemporary abstract art there’s nothing wrong with pouring your favorite colors on canvas and moving the canvas around until all the colors collide, or putting your hands in the paints for some finger painting. Next lift away paint in sections to reveal the colors below if it seems right for your abstract wall hanging.

As a child you assumed all your artwork would be a success and if it wasn't you moved on quickly to make another artistic masterpiece. That’s what abstract painting teaches adults. You learn to make decisions in the moment, it’s instinctual and feels right. It’s a wonderful and freeing way to learn anything. 

The abstract painting Lollipops shown above is a textured acrylic in red, purple, pink, orange, blue and green. Paint was applied thickly in swirls and loops in this modern abstract. Colorful lollipops sit on display in the candy store window tempting all the kids, and some of the grown ups with a sweet tooth. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".  

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