Abstract Art Shows True Personality

Original abstract art reveals a side of you people don’t normally see. Abstracts are anything but dull. Whimsical unexpected abstracts keep people interested and guessing. So display colorful abstract paintings in your home to show your bold, inspired, or playful spirit. 

The bold modern abstract canvases you choose to hang in your home represent who you are and how you feel. Abstract is pure emotion through color. The best abstracts provide a heightened experience for the senses with masterful bold strokes and unique textures that accentuate your home’s decor style.

Buy abstract wall hangings from an abstract artist who is fearless with color, who uses paint layering and texture on canvas to depicted their subject matter in an engaging way, which in turn will enrich your home’s decor and more importantly your life.

The abstract painting Puppy Dog Eyes shown above is a textured acrylic in pink, rose, red, deep blue, purple, green and orange. Paint was applied thickly to this modern abstract canvas. Kids receive soulful stares from the family dog who is waiting to be taken outside. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".

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