Colorful Contemporary Works of Art Brighten Up Your Office

Hanging original abstract art is a creative way to add bold color and fun texture to your workspace. Offices should be inspiring and comfortable. With a colorful modern abstract hanging in your sight line it’s easier to be productive and come up with innovative ideas.

After too many hours sitting at your desk do you feel drained as you stare at mind-numbing white walls all day long? Then inspire yourself by creating an area you can work in. Look for abstract wall hangings that will provide a colorful textured focal point then organize and streamline your area. If you’re not getting enough light add a lamp with a full spectrum light bulb.
Modern contemporary abstracts are an excellent choice for any office makeover. Original abstract paintings set the mood with color, texture and stimulate creativity and forward thinking. Abstracts stimulating creative thinking, because the subject matter is interpretive, so the mind is actively searches for meaning. That unconscious mindshift will carry over to the work you have at hand.
Have you noticed that places with the least amount of art, color and visual interest are offices and hospitals. They are the most removed from nature too. In these places we can feel more tension with the absence of a mood enhancing atmosphere, but this can be changed with thoughtfully chosen decor and colorful original art for the walls. It’s easier to be happy if you hang bold contemporary abstracts that boost your mood, inspire creativity and enhance your performance.

The abstract painting Bubble Bath shown above is a textured acrylic in yellow, orange, red, blue and green. In this modern abstract painting the bathtub is filling with water and the bubbles multiple, reflecting mini images of you as you pour the bubble bath liquid. To have a few minutes to relax feels like heaven. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".

Hang Abstract Art and Create Your Own Art Gallery

I hang original abstract paintings in every room to create an art gallery at home. Having bold modern art on display in my home is for everyone to enjoy. My living space shows my love of color, shape and texture with all the bold colorful canvases I have.

I love to pair colorful abstract art in my home with eclectic furniture pieces, comfy pillows and great lighting to show off the wonderful decor items I’ve collected over the years like pretty vases, pottery and glass. Of course it’s the beautiful modern abstract paintings I hang that bring everything in a room together. The colors and textures in the abstract art pick up all the colors of the surrounding art and decor, creating a dynamic multi-layered space.

If you’re starting a home decorating makeover and want your own art gallery, begin with the room you’re in the most then pick your colorful paintings first. You can update any space by using a bold contemporary painting, because abstract art creates a great focal point and brings all the other design elements in a room together. View your space with an abstract painting and then without and you’ll see the difference immediately.

The abstract painting Mother and Child shown above is a textured acrylic in green, purple, blue, red, yellow and orange. In this modern abstract painting a mother travels with her young child on the bus. While most of us are rushing off to work, she is raising the next generation. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".

Hang Bold Abstract Art to Bring Mismatched Home Furnishings Together

I like combining furniture and decor items that don’t match, it creates tension and interest and makes a room look bigger. Then if the contemporary abstract art I hang has the right mix of colors to go with each piece of furniture it brings the whole space together.  Too many people decorating with bland neutrals, so have fun with your home decorating.

This is how it works! Do you have furniture and home decor items that you want to place together, but the problem is that no matter what you do the end result just doesn’t work? For instance you want to place a striped armchair together with a floral footstool.

Then try this. Hang a bold abstract on your walls with colors that compliment both pieces of furniture. Watch the space be transformed into a cozy corner by using your colorful abstract canvas as the bridge to connect the mosaic of beautiful tones and textures in your furniture. The clashing fabrics now seem like they were meant to be together. Once you try this decorating with abstracts technique you’ll want to use it everywhere.

The abstract painting Backyard Lanterns shown above is a textured acrylic in green, blue, purple, red, yellow and orange. In this modern abstract painting strings of colorful paper lanterns are hung in the backyard as the sun goes down and gives ambience to an evening under the stars. Night is my favorite time of day. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".

How Colorful Modern Abstracts Make Home Decorating Easy

Hanging abstract paintings is an easy way to redecorate. It takes minutes instead of hours. So don’t bother painting your walls another dull neutral color. The walls may look fresh for a few days, but soon they’ll just feel drab and you’ll be tired of your living space yet again. A boldly painted abstract canvas will do a better job.

Wallpaper is another option, but it’s a big undertaking. A beautiful abstract wall hanging may be better suited to the space you’re decorating. A colorful contemporary painting will evoke that bright welcoming atmosphere you want for connecting with family and friends without the hassle.

Also if you want to declutter your living area and create better flow, rather than buying more furniture to put things in, let go of things you don’t need. If the room seems sparsely decorated after decluttering then hang abstract art on the walls to give the room that warm inviting lived-in feeling, because while sparse living spaces are trendy, they can feel cold when devoid of color. So fill up your walls with beautiful bold abstract paintings and live it up with the extra moving around space.

The abstract painting Bumpy Bus Ride is a textured acrylic in green, blue, purple, red and yellow. In this modern abstract painting the transit bus hits the brakes causing you to fall over the guy next to you and spill hot coffee on him. You start to apologize, but then you remember he was so rude to you the day before. This original wall hanging measures 18” x 24”.

Glossy Varnishes For Brilliant Abstracts

For bold textured abstract paintings I use a high gloss varnish. Colors and textures pop with glossy finishes, so the more shine the better for colorful abstract art. Varnish applied to bold textured abstracts highlight colors and contours to make an original painting a bold work of art. It’s also good to varnish contemporary canvases for added protection.

Experiment with a gloss or mat varnish on abstract paintings and decide what works for you. You might like both paint finishes for different reasons. I prefer a triple thick clear glaze spray varnish. The thicker varnish creates an abstract wall hanging that has more brilliance, depth and visual weight so my modern abstracts are like an added piece of furniture in a room. This helps create balance where needed in a space.

Gels mediums used to thicken paint during the painting process is another technique to try. Gels can add texture, slow paint drying times, add shine and translucence. Learn to use these different gel mediums to create effects that suit your constantly developing modern abstract painting style.
The abstract painting Lemons and Peaches shown above is a textured acrylic in red, yellow, orange, purple and blue. In this modern abstract paint was applied in bold swirls. An enticing fresh fruit market with rows of colorful sweet and tart fruit invites you to dream up a refreshing picnic dessert. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".

Abstract Artist on the Go

While abstract painting I like to have many original works of art on the go. I rotate what I paint, so when I get back to a big modern wall hanging or small canvas painting it seems like new to me and I know the next step to take in the creative process.

In the interim I look at other artists’ painting techniques for research and inspiration, I also buy supplies for painting. When buying paint supplies I try new things, for instance I found a triple thick glossy varnish I like and a paint thickener that adds texture and extra body to my colorful abstract paintings.

I’m also learning that being an abstract artist isn’t just about painting. I’m taking pictures of my paintings for my new upcoming website and for my abstract art portfolio. Finally a project I’m most excited about is a book I’m writing about how to use colorful abstract paintings as a focal point in home decor and as a starting point for a design makeover in any room.

The abstract painting Fire Walk shown above is a textured acrylic in red, purple and orange. Paint was applied thickly in bold swirls in this modern abstract. A walk across hot coals seems impossible, but when approached with confidence you can make it to the other side. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".

Hang Abstract Paintings and Create a Welcoming Home

Abstract art makes a powerful statement and focal point, creating an inviting space in your home. Be brave with your choice of art and design, brighten your house with colorful contemporary abstracts. 

Many people don’t feel happy in their living space with bare walls staring back at them, but don’t know what to do about it. If that’s you, be captured by bright colors, bold brush strokes and thick textures found in many abstract works of art today. The best original abstract canvas for you will have that undeniable feeling of bringing everything together and your eyes will always gravitate towards it.  

Continue to add original abstract art to your home’s decor and each room of your house will feel like a comfortable and welcoming space. You’ll discover that you not only have an appreciation, but also a feeling of rejuvenation and contentment when viewing your bold and bright abstract paintings, and so will the rest of your family.

The abstract painting To the Moon and Back shown above is a textured acrylic in green, yellow, red and orange. Paint was applied thickly in dramatic swirls in this modern abstract. It’s just one of those days where anything is possible, like you walking on to a spaceship for a short journey around the galaxy. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".

Healing With Abstract Painting

Use abstract painting as art therapy. Many things can be expressed with color and brush movement across a canvas like loss, anxiety, depression and anger. An abstract that you've painted tells your story and with continued painting you can move towards acceptance and even happiness again.

Try original abstract painting when you have trouble expressing yourself with words, because a picture does paint a thousand words. So if something has been bothering you, paint it out on canvas. When you find yourself using dark colors and jarring brush stokes in the modern contemporary abstracts you’ve painted you don’t have to recognize the image to see the pain behind it. This revelation and recognition of your state of mind will move you towards the release of those negative feelings.

The physical aspect of abstract painting is healing too, so I like use big canvases to paint on when I’m upset and I move the colors around aggressively on the surface. Your brush movement across the canvas and the color choices you make will change as you progress on to the next series of canvases. With abstract wall hangings you can see the healing happening right in front of you.

Sunset and Shadows shown above is a textured acrylic in blue, red, green, orange and yellow. Paint was applied thickly in dramatic swirls and loops in this modern abstract. A blazing sunset in the sky contrasts with the dark mountains below much like my state of mind. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".

Why Abstract Painting as if You’re a Kid is a Good Idea

Paint abstracts as if you’re a child. Children don’t get discouraged if a painting doesn’t look perfect. Use bold colors, try different painting tools, paint on big canvases (so have many canvases ready for this experiment) and soon you’ll see a colorful abstract masterpiece you like.

There is no wrong approach to abstract painting. The only bad abstract paintings are the ones left in your mind and not on the canvas. Dare to take chances with bold colors, blending colors, contrasting colors, textures, brush movement, shapes and paint layering in your modern abstracts.

When creating contemporary abstract art there’s nothing wrong with pouring your favorite colors on canvas and moving the canvas around until all the colors collide, or putting your hands in the paints for some finger painting. Next lift away paint in sections to reveal the colors below if it seems right for your abstract wall hanging.

As a child you assumed all your artwork would be a success and if it wasn't you moved on quickly to make another artistic masterpiece. That’s what abstract painting teaches adults. You learn to make decisions in the moment, it’s instinctual and feels right. It’s a wonderful and freeing way to learn anything. 

The abstract painting Lollipops shown above is a textured acrylic in red, purple, pink, orange, blue and green. Paint was applied thickly in swirls and loops in this modern abstract. Colorful lollipops sit on display in the candy store window tempting all the kids, and some of the grown ups with a sweet tooth. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".  

Love or Hate Abstract Art?

Abstract paintings are for everyone. Some abstract canvases will appeal to you more than others, but people mistakenly think that if they didn’t like an abstract painting they’ve seen hanging in an art gallery, they must hate all abstracts.

The beauty of modern abstract paintings is that you can interpret them. Abstracts can have deep meaning, or just be about the color and brush movement on canvas that appeals to you. With modern canvases you don’t have to have an art degree to know what you like. If you feel revitalized and rejuvenated when you look at a particular abstract wall hanging, then it has just the right combination of color, movement of brush across the canvas and texture to drawn you in. 

Abstracts are not only for modern contemporary spaces. The right abstracts can go anywhere to create a breathtaking focal point. You can also bring together mismatched furniture pieces with an abstract painting hanging nearby, or update underwhelming and neutral decor by using an abstract to make the space pop with color.

The abstract painting Sunlight Through the Trees shown above is a textured acrylic in green, blue, red, orange and yellow. Paint was applied thickly in this modern abstract where sunlight bleeds through the trees’ thick foliage casting a glow around the trees. This original wall hanging measures 18” x 24”.

How to Paint Modern Abstracts

I paint original abstracts whenever I have a moment. First I mix many bold acrylic colors in my painting studio and place them next to my waiting canvases. Then I drop tarps down to protect the floor and I select the brushes and painting tools I want to use, or experiment with. 

The abstract painting Young Girl Feeding Birds is a textured acrylic in purple, teal, red, orange and yellow. Paint was applied thickly in this modern abstract. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".

I don’t worry if I don’t feel inspired to paint, The act of painting abstract art is inspiring to me, my arms and body know what to do even if my mind is slow to start and once a bold color goes down on the canvas I just want to add more colors. Distractions can be going on all around me and I don’t even notice. My abstract painting time is sacred to me.

I sometimes look at my finished abstract paintings when I want to continue with a style or technique I’ve been developing, or I may put the final touches on a previous abstract canvas before starting a new modern painting. Otherwise I just start painting colorful abstracts using bold thick colors and trust the process, because new painting techniques and textures are created that way.

The abstract painting Young Girl Feeding Birds shown above is a textured acrylic in purple, teal, red, orange and yellow. Paint was applied thickly in this modern abstract where a young girl spreads seeds on the ground, but the birds are impatient and know her well, so they land on her shoulder and on the plate she holds. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".

Abstract Art Shows True Personality

Original abstract art reveals a side of you people don’t normally see. Abstracts are anything but dull. Whimsical unexpected abstracts keep people interested and guessing. So display colorful abstract paintings in your home to show your bold, inspired, or playful spirit. 

The bold modern abstract canvases you choose to hang in your home represent who you are and how you feel. Abstract is pure emotion through color. The best abstracts provide a heightened experience for the senses with masterful bold strokes and unique textures that accentuate your home’s decor style.

Buy abstract wall hangings from an abstract artist who is fearless with color, who uses paint layering and texture on canvas to depicted their subject matter in an engaging way, which in turn will enrich your home’s decor and more importantly your life.

The abstract painting Puppy Dog Eyes shown above is a textured acrylic in pink, rose, red, deep blue, purple, green and orange. Paint was applied thickly to this modern abstract canvas. Kids receive soulful stares from the family dog who is waiting to be taken outside. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".

Abstract Painting on a Quiet Afternoon

Painting a colorful abstract on a free afternoon is bliss. All colors are my favorite, but I particularly like bold colors and the unexpected that can happen when color and texture is combined.

An abstract painting can make you feel like you're falling in love, or make you feel serene yet full of energy and inspired. I enjoy the complexity of emotions a single modern abstract painting can evoke. As an abstract artist those positive feelings are what I want to capture again and again.
My favorite inspirations for my bold abstracts come from nature; blue sky, mountain ranges, big flower gardens and forested areas where birds are singing. Festivals are inspiring too, the bold colored costumes and body movement of the dancers comes through in my modern contemporary painting style. I also love to express internal struggles and that moment when clarity arrives. At other times the path my paintbrush takes comes from an inner restful place.   
The abstract painting Evening Walk shown above is a textured acrylic in green, deep blue, purple and orange. For this modern abstract art the paint was applied thickly to canvas. Walking on a lamp lit path, the candles burn bright to hold back the night, but the shadows still grow and later blend into a peaceful sleepy dream. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".

Need a vacation? Hang Abstract Art in Your Work Area

Feeling the winter blues? Colorful abstracts hanging in your office create a positive change in your environment. You spend 8 hours a day in your workspace, so make your space professional yet inspiring with modern abstract art. 

Makeover your workspace with bold abstract wall hangings if:
  • you have no window, or you have a window with a horrible view
  • you have stress on the job and long to be on vacation
  • you are constantly playing catch up, because there is not enough time in the day to do everything
  • you notice the office decor looks dark and dreary and you need to impress clients
  • you long for different co-workers and a new boss
Abstract art helps people relax yet feel energized. Hanging modern abstracts on your office walls puts you in a whole new mindset. Your coworkers will be influenced by your productivity and gossip less. Your boss is either impressed with your work, or they’re afraid you will replace them!
To start your office makeover measure your walls and decide if you can hang 1 or 2 colorful abstract canvases. Only choose modern abstracts that connect with you. Next if you need more space, declutter and you’re done! The great thing about contemporary abstract art is that colorful abstracts outshine old decor, so you can still use your old furniture.

The abstract painting Moonscape is a textured painting in green, deep green, yellow and orange. In this modern art the paint is applied thickly on canvas. Do you ever dream you’re walking on the moon? It’s a surreal experience that reveals your subconscious mind wants you to go somewhere you’ve never been. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".

Original Abstract Paintings Develop with Time and Patience

As an abstract artist I’m always growing and improving my painting techniques. I expand my style by adding more bold color and thick texture to my canvases. I’m also growing to appreciate some of the bold abstracts I’ve painted, but put aside.

I didn’t see their uniqueness at the time, but as I mature and experiment, my artistic tastes expand to include more abstract art styles and now when I go back through my stack of rejected and forgotten abstract paintings I have the ability to make improvements to those modern wall hangings that needed extra contemplation. 

Never reject any modern art you’ve painted. Instead try to expand your style with that canvas as a starting point. Having several painting sessions with difficult abstracts will help you foster a connection to your art. You’ll achieve a depth of expression in your contemporary abstracts through color, texture, movement of the brush and layering. You just need to allow yourself the time to get there.
You may also notice that putting some time between your painting sessions helps you go back and critic your artwork in a constructive way that moves you forward. So when an abstract canvas is not working, it’s best not to push. Some painted canvases I may not look at for several months, I work on other modern abstracts instead, so I have several modern paintings on the go that I will come back to until they are finished.

The abstract painting Sun, Moon and Stars shown above is a textured acrylic in green, deep blue, yellow and orange. In this modern art the paint was applied thickly on canvas. Looking up at the sky and imagining what might be out there that is yet undiscovered is bewitching and awe inspiring. The magical unknown. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".

Painting Unique Abstracts

I paint colorful abstracts. Before I paint I consider what will make each abstract I paint work in a room to rejuvenate the space and make it inspiring. Using color is a good way to achieve this, especially when color is combined with texture on canvas. Usually something good comes out of it my time in the studio... but other times there are challenges.

I can paint several abstract paintings during the week. I want my modern abstract paintings to be unique and fresh so I always try something new. But even if my abstract painting experiments don’t work out, I learn something for next time and I can’t wait to get back to the studio. 

Abstract paintings can look simplistic, but actually getting the right balance of color, texture and movement across the canvas is not easy. At times I may feel like I’m not up to the challenge. That can all change in a moment when I take a deep breathe and let go of expectation and just put my brush to the canvas. After all small changes made to a less than original painting (also known as a disaster) can be interesting and one step away from brilliant.

The abstract painting Garden Grasshopper is a textured acrylic in green, yellow, red and orange. This modern painting was poured and blended on canvas. Admiring nature in the garden is calming and watching even the smallest of creatures like the grasshopper who has existed before the dinosaurs is fascinating. This original wall hanging measures 18” x 24”.