Pushing Limits in Abstract Painting

Abstract artists need to grow beyond previous boundaries to stay relevant. Create a new painting style as part of your New Year’s Resolution. When experimenting with abstract art take note of original painting techniques you create by keeping small samples, or take photos of the abstract techniques to add to a binder for quick reference.

Paint colors are poured and blended on the canvas

You may not like the results of some of your abstract painting experiments, but these sample abstracts will come in handy later, as you usually find a way to improve upon your initial concept.

In Abstract art always try new paint colors, color combinations, shapes and movement of brush on the canvas. Use spatulas and other unconventional painting tools to move paint across the stretched canvas to create lines and textures in contemporary abstract paintings. Move up several brush sizes to create a bolder shape, or use several brush sizes in an original modern painting to create contrast and highlight important elements.

In my bold abstracts I’ve experimented by adding new elements like buttons and beads directly into the paint of the abstract for a 3D effect. Other things I’ve tried are combing through sections of an original painting to create a wavy ridged effect. I also pour paint directly on to canvases and blend the colors by tilting the canvas. To thicken paint I’ve added flour to create a ceramic look. Plastic wrap, spray bottles and squeeze bottles are also great. Pushing limits in your art and life is good for everyone.

The abstract painting Fairytale Forest shown above is a textured acrylic in yellow, blue and green with specks of orange. In this modern art piece the paint was poured and blended on the canvas. Walking through a fairytale forest there are scary noises, poisonous apples and a misleading trail that leads to your destiny. It’s the journey that makes the person. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".

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