Develop Your Abstract Painting Style with Thoughtful Experimentation

Never abandon an abstract painting when it's not developing the way you expect. Original abstracts can go through an amazing transformation in later painting sessions. Many times these experimental abstracts are your most memorable and popular finished canvases, because your artistic struggles and moments of discovery are vividly exposed in these modern wall hangings.

So take several days to look at your modern paintings and then experiment. Integrate areas in your contemporary paintings that seem disconnected by adding color and texture to pull it all together. When you don’t follow these new developments in your style you can hit an artistic road block, much like writer's block.

Also as you develop as an artist, an abstract painting that's not living up to your perceived expectations may actually capture your attention several weeks later. So give yourself the time you need to appreciate your paintings by putting distance between those modern abstracts that seem so different from what you normally paint and your pesky inner critic. You could miss seeing that your painting style has gone through a magical transformation and that you now need to consciously expand it further. 

The abstract painting Coming Home shown above is a textured acrylic in blue, yellow, red and pink. Seeing family again for the first time after a long break is magical. You can’t even get through the door, because you are too busy hugging family and as you settle down for dinner you wonder why you ever left. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".

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