Pushing Limits in Abstract Painting

Abstract artists need to grow beyond previous boundaries to stay relevant. Create a new painting style as part of your New Year’s Resolution. When experimenting with abstract art take note of original painting techniques you create by keeping small samples, or take photos of the abstract techniques to add to a binder for quick reference.

Paint colors are poured and blended on the canvas

You may not like the results of some of your abstract painting experiments, but these sample abstracts will come in handy later, as you usually find a way to improve upon your initial concept.

In Abstract art always try new paint colors, color combinations, shapes and movement of brush on the canvas. Use spatulas and other unconventional painting tools to move paint across the stretched canvas to create lines and textures in contemporary abstract paintings. Move up several brush sizes to create a bolder shape, or use several brush sizes in an original modern painting to create contrast and highlight important elements.

In my bold abstracts I’ve experimented by adding new elements like buttons and beads directly into the paint of the abstract for a 3D effect. Other things I’ve tried are combing through sections of an original painting to create a wavy ridged effect. I also pour paint directly on to canvases and blend the colors by tilting the canvas. To thicken paint I’ve added flour to create a ceramic look. Plastic wrap, spray bottles and squeeze bottles are also great. Pushing limits in your art and life is good for everyone.

The abstract painting Fairytale Forest shown above is a textured acrylic in yellow, blue and green with specks of orange. In this modern art piece the paint was poured and blended on the canvas. Walking through a fairytale forest there are scary noises, poisonous apples and a misleading trail that leads to your destiny. It’s the journey that makes the person. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".

Giving the Gift of Abstract Art

Have a friend who loves abstract art? Give them a colorful abstract painting for Christmas. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive. Buy small original modern art instead. There are smaller unique abstract paintings available that are perfect for hallways and little corner nooks.

If you are trying to narrow down what abstract painting to buy when shopping for your friend, look at their home and make note of the abstracts they have. Don’t buy more of the same. Select art that’s unique, but will fit in with what they already have. Then look at the colors they use throughout their home decor. Do they like bold colors or soft pastels? Next is there a small area where an abstract would fit? In that case plan ahead and bring a measuring tape to measure that space.

You can also go window shopping or browse on the Internet with your friend for contemporary art to seeing what they prefer, but would never buy for themselves. They’ll be truly surprised when they unwrap the abstract art you give them on Christmas day.

The abstract painting Spirit of Christmas shown above is a textured acrylic in bold red, pink, yellow and green, layered on a blue background. This painting represents the feeling of family celebrating with good food and conversation. Decorations and lights add to the festive spirit of giving and receiving. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".

Develop Your Abstract Painting Style with Thoughtful Experimentation

Never abandon an abstract painting when it's not developing the way you expect. Original abstracts can go through an amazing transformation in later painting sessions. Many times these experimental abstracts are your most memorable and popular finished canvases, because your artistic struggles and moments of discovery are vividly exposed in these modern wall hangings.

So take several days to look at your modern paintings and then experiment. Integrate areas in your contemporary paintings that seem disconnected by adding color and texture to pull it all together. When you don’t follow these new developments in your style you can hit an artistic road block, much like writer's block.

Also as you develop as an artist, an abstract painting that's not living up to your perceived expectations may actually capture your attention several weeks later. So give yourself the time you need to appreciate your paintings by putting distance between those modern abstracts that seem so different from what you normally paint and your pesky inner critic. You could miss seeing that your painting style has gone through a magical transformation and that you now need to consciously expand it further. 

The abstract painting Coming Home shown above is a textured acrylic in blue, yellow, red and pink. Seeing family again for the first time after a long break is magical. You can’t even get through the door, because you are too busy hugging family and as you settle down for dinner you wonder why you ever left. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".