Setting Up Your Abstract Painting Studio

Create an abstract art studio with an inspiring atmosphere by hanging your own artwork on the walls. Set up your artist easel or painting area so you get the most of the natural light available and add light if needed. I use white light, also called a full spectrum light bulb.

For abstract painting you want a calming yet cheery oasis to paint in. It’s your workspace, but you can still add beautiful original abstract paintings and colorful tasteful decor to create the atmosphere you want for inspiration. So choose bold colorful wall hangings and decor, then be organized with your painting supplies.

Messy chaos never fosters creativity in me. Keep your abstract art studio clean and organized, so you can start painting at anytime. It’s good to have lots of uncluttered space in your studio, so put blank canvases against the wall and keep paint supplies, mixed paints, brushes and drop clothes in an old dresser or shelving unit until you need them. Having space to move around is important, because painting abstract art is about the flow of movement.

I put abstracts that I think are finished in another space, because I like to review my contemporary paintings again after not seeing them for a few days. With a fresh perspective I can decide if the paintings are truly finished or need more work. There is nothing worse than overworking an abstract painting that was better left alone. In the meantime I mix more paints and keep going with other abstract paintings. 

The abstract painting Fire Dragons shown above is a textured acrylic in blue and smoky blue with flashes of orange, yellow and red. Dragons flying in the sky create clouds of smoke, streaks of lightening fire and a frightening noise, but this is just play for them. Playing with fire. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".

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