How to Give Art and Home Decorating Advice

When buying original abstract paintings and art, your friends want honest decorating advice. It’s hard to be clearheaded when buying art with so much to look at. So while shopping for abstracts and other home decor items with friends give constructive opinions on their art and design choices.

Encourage friends to look at original abstracts and home decor items that will enrich their lives and inspire them. Your friends tastes in abstract paintings, contemporary artwork and home decor may be different than yours. They might not normally choose the bold colors you would to bring a space to life. They may like antique furniture and neutral tones and think that abstract art won’t mix well with what they have, but abstract art goes with everything and hanging modern abstract paintings gives a home layers of depth.

If a friend is heading down a path of blandness in home decorating, you won’t hurt their feelings if you give them a few colorful alternative art and design options. Giving well-thought-out advice to a friend who may need a home decorating intervention can be fun and will save your friend from a possible decorating disaster.

The abstract painting Unmade Bed shown above is a textured acrylic with green, blue, burgundy, pink and yellow blended together. Morning light streams through the windows as the sun rises, waking me from a restful night. Throwing off the blankets and I begin my day. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24". 

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