Colorful Abstract Art Influences My Day

I love bold colorful abstracts with lots of texture and dynamic brush movement across the canvas. I love abstract paintings that shows a depth of emotion and meaning with an intensity of color, using varying shapes and sizes of brush strokes mingled together.

The original abstract art I hang on my walls affects how I feel. So it’s important for me to consider if the abstract painting is inspiring, uplifting, calming or contemplative so I can choose in which room it should hang. Colorful contemporary art is my antidote against grumpiness and bad weather. When I’m decorating I select original paintings for the walls first, because the art I chose focuses the design for the rest of the room.

I always ask myself if the modern abstract wall hanging I chose gives me an inspiring boost, in which case I want it in my living room, kitchen, or any main area of the house. If the composition is more calming then the bedroom will be the right place for a contemplative piece of art, so I can go to sleep calmly and wake up gently.

The abstract painting Connected shown above is a textured acrylic with blue, purple, green, red, orange and yellow. Bold brush strokes connect and overlap with thick textured paint colors expressing the feeling of connection within ourselves and to each other. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".

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