Abstract Paintings Fix Home Decor Issues

Hang colorful abstract art to avoid design missteps. I’ve learned that hanging bold abstracts will fix a problem room and finding solutions to interior design issues made me realize I like combining many decor elements together with original artwork.

I create an inviting warm space by strategically placing abstract paintings together with home accessories in a fun purposeful way. Did you ever have colors or patterns that didn’t match in the same room. It’s a fun fix when you hang a boldly painted canvas that goes with everything.
Do you feel neutral colors are cramping your style. Then go with colorful modern abstracts and your home will come alive. Or not sure that your living area is ready for special occasions. Any space can be made comfortable and elegant with a contemporary abstract wall hanging as the focal point.

The abstract painting First Day of Kindergarten shown above is a textured acrylic with thick red, green, orange and yellow paint. Vibrant colors show happy children getting to know each other while sitting together on mats for story time. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".


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