Display Abstract Art so You’ll Always See it

Hang abstract paintings to make your home more welcoming and vibrant. Be sure to hang as much colorful art as possible. Don’t be sparse with original wall art. Hang at least one painting in each room including hallways, or you won’t get that warm personal feeling you want in your living space.
When you’re hanging your colorful contemporary abstracts ask yourself; Does it go with the paintings, art and home decor you already have in that space? If not, place it in another room. Hang your canvases by theme, or by the most prominent colors used in that room. For instance the kitchen can have art and decor with a rustic textured country feel versus a more colorful abstract look in the living room.
You always want to be able to see your one-of-a-kind abstracts and other wall hangings, so find which wall is the most prominent and make the painting the focal point of the room. Never stack items up in front of your painting blocking it from view even temporarily, because then the painting’s energy to the rest of the space is cut off and the room loses it’s vibrant personality.

Next light your modern abstracts and other colorful paintings properly for maximum effect. Lamps on either side, or above a bold painting will fill in the shadows and make the painting pop with color in the evening when natural light is low. And it doesn’t have to be a strong light to set the perfect atmosphere.

The abstract painting Boating on Gentle Waves shown above is a textured acrylic with waves of soft purple, blue and green water with the sun reflected in orange blended in. The vibrant colors set a rhythm across the canvas like the ebb and flow of gentle waves lapping against the side of a boat at sea. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".

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