Colorfully Themed Abstract Art and Home Decor That Brings Out Your Original Style

Hanging bold colorful abstract paintings is my favorite way to decorate. Vibrant colors and rich textures show up everywhere in my home, it’s a recurring theme for me. Repeating themes with paintings, art and home decor can give cohesion to your decorating style, yet still makes it unique.

Start collecting modern abstract paintings, art and home decor in your favorite themes, styles and colors. For instance if you have a favorite color choose a few shades from that color to decorate with... and a contrasting color. Or maybe you have a passion for flowers? There are so many ways to represent flowers from realistic to abstract and everywhere in between, my tip is to chose a variety. So enjoy the hunt for paintings and art created using your favorite themes.

People can easily buy gifts for you when they know what you like and what sets you apart from everyone else. My sister loves green and she decorates using green all the time. Of course I made a contemporary abstract painting for her that had lots of green in it and the painting looks fantastic in her home. The trick was to add small sections of contrasting color, it makes her favorite color pop that much more.

The abstract painting Bird Watching shown above is a textured acrylic with deep purple, blue and green with splashes of red and yellow. The vibrant blue jays, robins and chatty grackles collecting on the trees in the back garden charm me into hours of bird watching. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".

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