My Home is My Abstract Art Gallery

Unique abstract art is everywhere in my home. What I look for in art is a bold organic shapes, bright fresh colors and funky cool textures to create a one of a kind living space.

How I use original abstract paintings with home furnishings and accent pieces to create my livable home gallery is unique to me. My living space and my art is my painter’s palette of self expression, so my home shows individuality with bold modern art on display for everyone to enjoy.

To use wall paintings to maximum effect, shop for abstracts that make a statement on their own with bold colors that pop and textures that add dimension. Beautiful boldly painted canvases should entice you to keep looking. The best original contemporary canvas for you will have that undeniable feeling of bringing everything together in the room and your eyes will always gravitate towards it.

The abstract painting Amusement  Park shown above is a textured acrylic with bold swirls of purple, blue, green, red, orange and yellow overlapping and blending together. The vibrant color movement on canvas represents fun rides and roller coasters where kids young and old scream and laugh in joy. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".

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