Improve Your Decorating Style with Abstract Art

Can your home decor stand to be more adventurous? Colorful paintings, art and accent pieces are an important part of any room makeover. It doesn’t take much to make a positive change, and that’s where bold original abstracts comes in.

You can’t go wrong with abstract art. Being casual and comfortable doesn’t mean your home can’t look super fantastic too. Choosing modern contemporary canvases you really love will give you the confidence to shine with friends and family. Show your individuality and creativity by spicing up your home decor with one of a kind wall hangings and bring your social life to life.

First decorate with bold colorful abstract paintings on the walls to create focal points in several rooms, then have charming accent pieces placed throughout your home to connect one room to the next. Dramatic layering with color and texture on different spacial planes expands your home making it seem like you have an endless amount of space without creating a cluttered effect.

The abstract painting Love Birds shown above is a textured acrylic with strong accents of blue, green, red and orange on yellow. Flowing brush strokes on the canvas show several pairs of vibrant love birds happily sitting close together. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".

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