Painting Abstract Art and Being Open to the Creative Process

Leaving abstract paintings unfinished for days doesn’t annoy me anymore, it’s a creative tool I use. Taking a break from painting my bold contemporary abstracts lets my unconscious mind take over the creative process.

When I get back to my painted contemporary art in progress I’m ready with new ideas like adding more color and bold texture where needed. So if I can’t finish one of my modern abstract canvases in a day even after taking a short break I leave it be. Then next time I’m painting in the studio I will finish the abstracts from earlier painting sessions that needed more thought.

I never approached painting abstracts this way before, but it feels great not to force the creative process. I get some of my best paintings this way. In the past I would never leave a piece of abstract art half finished, but my approach was not conducive to creating great contemporary works of art that showed my true ability. Now I’m constantly in the process of starting new paintings while finishing other colorful paintings.

The abstract painting Love shown above is a textured acrylic in striking red, yellow and orange with blue undertones. The organic shapes intertwined on the canvas and the bright hot reds and oranges heat up the canvas and surrounding area. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".

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