Abstract Paintings Inspire A Happy Attitude

With colorful abstract art your home decorating style can be fun and still be contemporary and modern. If you’ve taken your decorating too seriously in the past and nobody is ever quite at ease in your home try fun bold paintings for a change and feel happy in your living space. 

People communicate many things without words, use fun abstract wall hangings to make your home more visually welcoming and memorable. Experiment in your living area with boldly colored abstracts that have thick textures and quirky themes. For instance purchase abstracts that seem to tell an interesting story when you spend some time viewing them, these are the paintings that will give you and everyone around you a cheerful lift.
When I visit friends and see original abstract paintings with bold bright colors, thick textures and vibrant brush movement across the canvas hanging on their walls I feel instantly happy. Now when your guests walk into a room your fun abstract wall hangings will set the tone for them to be happy and at ease in your home and with you.
The abstract painting Crazy Dance shown above is a textured acrylic with strong accents of red, yellow and orange mixed with blue and green. The organic frenetic brush strokes intertwined on the canvas show a vibrant happy woman in a colorful outfit, dancing in her own special way. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".

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