Start Abstract Painting by Mixing Colors for Blending and Bold Variation

When painting abstracts in my art studio I mix many beautiful bold colors that I thicken with flour. Mixing colors for my modern abstract paintings takes time, but I love it. Each time I paint I mix over twenty colors for my contemporary wall hangings and I use all the paints up within a few days.

Part of the enjoyment of creating abstract art is the textures and variations in color I get from blending my paints on stretched canvases with a spatula. So I mix all the new colors in containers that my big baking spatulas can fit in to. I organize all my fun spatulas for abstract painting next to my paints and all my prepared ready to paint canvases are nearby.

Being organized doesn’t hold me back, because great things happen when I know where all my painting supplies are and can find them at a moments notice without breaking my creative momentum. It’s also good to be organized in my painting studio so I can put all my supplies away fast and start fresh the next time I paint.

The abstract painting A Funny Story shown above is a textured acrylic with swirls and strokes of paint in striking red, yellow and green on a blue background. Bright colors capture the feel of laughter when old friends get together and retell stories from summers past. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".

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