Bold Colorful Abstract Art Keeps You Feeling Young and Fun

Hang abstract paintings to bring color and happiness into your life. Original modern wall hangings add texture, color and a unique style to home design when otherwise your style might be lacking.

Is your living space bright and fun, or somber and dark? You can tell how someone is doing by how they decorate their home. Design your home interior to include colorful abstracts and change how you feel. If you surround yourself with beautiful inspired contemporary paintings and artwork and start to feel beautiful and inspired opportunities will come your way.

After your design makeover don’t forget to take time to enjoy your fun bold abstracts and home decor items anytime you need a boost. There’s a benefit to keeping yourself and others around you rejuvenated with paintings and art. If you’re happy you stay healthy.

The abstract painting Fire shown above is a textured acrylic in striking red, orange and yellow with green and blue highlights. The movement of the brush across the canvas and the bright colors represent the internal fire burning inside oneself to always push forward and strive for more. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".

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