Bold Abstract Art as a Design Focal Point

Original abstract paintings keep the focus where it’s needed in your living space. Use abstracts as a starting point and add interesting furniture pieces and decor accents to complete the look.

Big abstract art canvases can draw attention to your high ceilings, or focus attention on one main area in a bigger open concept living space. So use a modern abstract painting as focal point to keep the attention on your home’s best features, like a beautiful exposed brick wall or to show how natural light fulls the room by intensifying the colors in your painting and decor accents.

You need a design focal point so the viewer has something to center on. Instead of feeling unfocused and uneasy, it’s interesting yet comfortable for the viewer to know where to look. People will be transfixed and at ease when your home looks complete with the right art pieces.

When buying an original abstract painting, shop for a canvas that shows your individual style and highlight your home’s features in a colorful unique way. When bold colors, textures and big bold brush strokes stand out in a striking way, they create lingering interest.

The abstract painting Green Eyed Girls in Blue shown above is a textured acrylic with swirls and broad strokes of paint in striking blue and green with bits of purple peaking through. Bright colors capture two young sister at play outside, skipping and twirling arm in arm, then finally stumbling in fits of giggles. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".

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