Finding Time to Paint Original Abstracts

I make abstract painting a priority and never let too much time pass between painting days in my art studio. The worst is not having any new colorful abstracts to show when people ask what original paintings I’m working on.

I like being spontaneous and I paint whenever the mood strikes. I may have many other things to do, like running my business, but I always have time for painting modern abstracts. I find that other things can wait a day or two and my world doesn’t end!

Because I honor my creative spirit first, ideas come to me quickly and I don’t spend long hours looking off into space. My mind is prepared to go to that creative place right away, so I sit down and just start painting my one-of-a-kind art. As I focus on the canvas in front of me amazing things start to happen and images revealing themselves with ease.
The abstract painting Looking Through Stained Glass shown above is a textured acrylic with boldly applied swirls of paint in striking red, blue, green and orange on a yellow background. The sun illuminates a painted window, and it’s the brilliant colors that capture our attention first. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".

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