Colorful Abstracts for those Overlooked Areas in Your Home

Design a cozy corner with abstract art hanging above a comfortable armchair. Find a side table and lamp to complete the perfect sitting place and take a break with your favorite book. 

Give your home office a design makeover too with abstract paintings. Organize and streamline the area then hang a colorful modern abstract above your desk. All the colors and textures in the painting will make it easier to sit down and complete whatever task you have at hand. If you’re not getting enough light in the area, then add extra lamps.

A tip to buying the right abstract wall hanging for the area you’re designing is measure the space where you would like the canvas to hang, then tape newsprint to the wall and block out the space. Now you know the maximum size of the wall art you want to buy.
Next when shopping for abstracts ask yourself, do you prefer bold colors, contrast of light with dark, textures, or all of the above? When you’ve selected a few favorites decide which abstract painting is more stimulating to you and buy that one.

The abstract painting Roller Coaster shown above is a painted in mostly red, green, blue and pink, with bits of orange and yellow peaking through. Brilliant colors combine to capture that thrilling feeling you get as the roller coaster picks up speed then quickly drops from the sky. Original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".

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