Creating Colorful Abstract Art Canvases

I enjoy abstract painting immensely. The creative process of painting abstracts brings me to life and makes me feel happy. I usually paint modern abstracts in bright bold textured colors. I can be fearless with bold color on canvas, it’s only neutral tones that confound me.
I like splattering and splashing colors on canvas. It’s also freeing to use a big spatula to create broad strokes, organic circles and swirls, or any shape I find pleasing, straight lines just won’t do.
Next I love making paintings with thick textured paint, it’s like frosting a cake. To make this thick paint I add flour. I can create 3 dimensional paintings that literally come out from the wall this way. In some of my contemporary paintings I stick buttons randomly in the thickened colors to create mixed media art.
The abstract painting Sleeping Cat shown above is a textured acrylic with boldly applied swirls of paint in striking green, blue with yellow, orange and purple. This striped tabby knows where it’s most comfortable and snoozes on the arm of an armchair. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".

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