Expressing Love With Abstract Art

You’re a romantic at heart and happy in your relationship, but are you ready for Valentine’s? You’ve got the meal cooking and wine chilling. But how do you express love in your home? Set the atmosphere with fragrant flowers, soft music and beautiful art for an elegant sophisticated love nest.
Abstract paintings are perfect at setting the atmosphere for your romantic evening. The vivid colors, textures and movement of the artist's brush across the canvas reveals so much. Find abstract wall art that has love as the main theme, then use it as part of your home decor all year round. Many things can interfere in a relationship, but with some thoughtful planning your home can be warm and welcoming haven, because if you set the right tone your relationship will blossom.

The paintings above are like two hearts beating as one and could be hung side by side, or on opposite walls to carry the theme of love across a larger space. Make your relationship a priority and use your whole house as a romantic oasis all year long.
The abstract painting Roses shown at the top is a textured acrylic with bold swirls of paint in striking orange, red, purple and yellow. This beautiful romantic bouquet of freshly cut 2 toned orange roses tinged with red lights up the room and smells so fragrant. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".

The abstract painting Passion shown above is a textured acrylic with swirls of paint in striking red, orange, purple and pink. Feelings flows strongly when you meet the right person and there is an instant connection, it’s as if something magical is in the air all around you. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".


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