Modern Abstract Art is for Everyone

Painting colorful abstract art with my nieces is a fun and unique afternoon experience. They understand the concept of letting creativity happen spontaneously. I wasn't surprised they did so well at contemporary abstract painting, kids are naturals at staying in the moment.
At first I wondered if they would understand what abstract painting is, but they easily painted colorful bold abstract interpretations of objects around them. They knew it was not about being realistic to the shape and form of the objects, but about capturing the feelings that objects could evoke when personalized. Expressing that on canvas with color, texture and brush stroke was childs play to them.
What I learned about abstract art from my nieces is that I have to keep it fun, if I don’t my artwork visibly suffers. If I get stuck on one abstract painting, I put that canvas aside for awhile and keep going with another painting and then when I'm ready I come back to the original painting. Modern abstract painting is a great learning experience for all other things in life, if I’m not keeping it loose and going with the flow it shows.
The abstract painting Pretty Houses in the Hills shown above is a textured acrylic with bold thickly applied paint in green and blue with red, orange, yellow and purple paint used for the houses and fall colored leaves. Here the enchanted rolling hills are filled with vibrant colors in the fall. This original wall hanging measures 16" x 20".


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