Abstract Paintings With a Story

My modern abstract paintings have a story and a name, because what I feel I express with my contemporary abstract art. I want the viewer to know why I paint too, so I provide a brief description. I think it’s important to have a short story and a name for each of my colorful textured wall hangings to make it complete.
I find inspirational stories and names in nature. I paint about water, leaves, festivals, flowers, wind and storms. For instance if there are alot of splotches on the canvas I might mention rain or water, but I then I also like fun quirky stories and names like Dreaming Myself Awake shown above which is more about my state of mind and internal experiences.
When I paint I also think about who might buy each abstract painted canvas. What the future owner of that original abstract painting would like and what their home decor style is. I’ve created paintings for one of my sisters that had plenty of greens, blues and purples, the abstracts fit in perfectly with her decor. For another sister I paint artwork using primarily yellows and oranges which worked very well in her home.
Abstract painting is an organic experience. While I might start a abstract painting with an idea in mind, I have no fixed plan and may switch direction part way through the painting process depending on what transpires before me on the canvas.

The abstract painting Dreaming Myself Awake shown above is a textured acrylic with bold thickly painted swirls in green with blue, red, orange, yellow and purple highlights. My strange colorful dreams mesmerize me, one rolling into another with odd details and fantastical moments that slowly wake me up. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".

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  1. These abstract paintings are absolutely lovely. Love the color blend is eyecatching. Keep up the great work and all the best!