Abstract Art Trends and Styles in Home Decorating

My original abstract paintings have a modern contemporary style. My abstracts are expressive in shape and color, they’re textured, bold, vibrant and happy. I like having a cheery abstract scene hanging over my breakfast table and a bold splash of color in my living room.
I love a stylish bright lived in home with eclectic furniture pieces, comfy pillows and great lighting to show off the wonderful decor items I’ve collected over the years such as my pretty vases, pottery and glass. But nothing is more beautiful than a modern abstract painting to inspire you and bring everything in your room together. The colors and textures in the abstract art will pick up and draw out the colors of all the surrounding pieces creating a dynamic multi-layered space.
Tip: you can update your home just by taking out a few decor pieces and changing them for other decorating items. There is no need to make a big project out of it. Then see what I mean by using a bold contemporary painting as a focal point to pull all the other elements together. View your space with the abstract painting and then without and you’ll see the difference immediately.
The abstract painting City Life shown above is a textured acrylic with connecting swirls and bold paint strokes of red, orange and yellow with touches of green and blue. The city is full of energy and always in motion, peoples lives intersect and converge constantly. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".

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