Creating Bold Abstract Painting Techniques

As an abstract artist reinventing my abstract painting style is ongoing, I can’t be stagnant as an artist. If I don’t look at the colorful abstracts I painted last week I'm easily inspired to start a new original spatula or brush technique with my next set of contemporary modern paintings.
So how does one create a style as an abstract painter? For me it come from the subconscious influences of everyday. Everything around me influences my artwork and I think it’s great, because my paintings are an interpretation of those influences, never an exact duplicate. So my style changes, but it’s always me too. I paint impressions of what I’m thinking or seeing after it’s been turned over in my mind.

My painting style has many influences and becomes richer for those influences. I can be out in nature and some of what I see shapes my future art without me even trying. I am greatly influenced by bold colors and unique textures, these two elements are prevalent in all my original artwork. When I was younger my mom owned a garden center and I was always surrounded by brilliant colors and unusual textures. This was a big influence on me and all my sisters, even now we are all strongly connected to color.

The abstract painting Yearning shown above is a textured acrylic with swirls of blue, green, red, orange and yellow with touches of dark purple. Yearnings swirl around and bubbles over inside, building the energy to make happen what you most desire. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".

Abstract Art Creates a Welcoming Atmosphere for Family and Friends

Bold fun abstract art is meant to hang in living rooms, family rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms, anywhere you share with family the ups and downs of each day. Create a home with a joyful atmosphere by placing bright wall hangings in every room to inspire a healthy sharing environment.

I’ve always felt my home is my sanctuary. A place where I can retreat and rejuvenate with family and friends. I want my environment to inspire and enrich my life and the lives of my loved ones. Having colorful textured abstract paintings brightens my life experiences with my family.
No one’s family is happy all the time, there are many up and downs in live, but it’s important to do as much as possible to set the tone in the right direction. You want a calming yet cheery oasis to start and end your day with. Beautiful original abstract paintings and colorful tasteful decor will evoke the atmosphere you want for the happiness of your family and friends. So make bright choices for your hanging artwork and decor and be organized with your belongings to create that calming and cheery feeling in your home.
The abstract painting Christmas shown above is a textured acrylic with thick blue, green, red and orange paint over a yellow background. Christmas tree branches adorned with lights and many shiny decorations collected over the years. It’s the best time of year for my family. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".


Learning From My Abstract Painting

Abstract painting teaches me persistence. I love bold colorful abstract art so much that I keep working at it and I see my painting techniques improve naturally over several months. This teaches me to keep going in other areas of my life when things don’t always go so smoothly.
Another lesson I take from my love of abstract painting which I’ve incorporated into the rest of my life is that you just can’t predict what another person may like. I love to show my textured abstract paintings to friends and family. During my art showings I see that my favorite modern abstracts are not always everyone else’s favorites. Their chosen paintings may be ones that I was not totally sure about. I think that's great, because from that I've learned not to judge my work too quickly and broaden my creative view. So now when it comes to other areas of my life I appreciate when friends and family choose differently from me. 
The abstract painting Blazing Sunset shown above is a textured acrylic with thick orange, yellow and red paint overlaid with blue and green brush strokes. The suns bold rays reach out across the sky and color the clouds in unusual colors, leaving the viewer in awe. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".