Abstract Art Painted in Bold and Soft Colors

I love painting my modern abstracts using bold colors and broad brush strokes, but I’ve also acquired a new pleasure for using softer colors such as pastels and yellows in my abstract art. The soft colors are a great contrast to highlight my favorite bold paint colors of bright red, vivid blue, lush green and deep purple. 

The more I experiment with color in abstract painting the more I discover new color combinations I like. I’ve also learned that bold happy colors can be sophisticated with the right combination of other colors in modern contemporary art and home decor.
One of the many reasons I love using so much color in my abstract art is that color can project strong emotion and influence how I feel. Blue is calming, red has energy and passion while yellow feels sunny and happy. I choose to use many of these colors together in each one of my abstract paintings making a blend of happy passion, serenity and bliss.

The abstract painting Paradise is a Cool Breeze shown above is a textured acrylic with thick blue, purple, green and orange paint layered over softer yellow undertones. Sunlight filters through lush tree leaves as a cool breeze off the water eases a smiling daydreamer to sleep. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24".

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