Move Abstract Paintings and Contemporary Art Around in Your Home

Rotate art, paintings and decor items to new areas in your home to revive your space. Your collection of abstract art and contemporary paintings can work wonders when swapped with other art, wall hangings and decor items. It’s a nice surprise to see your modern abstracts in a new setting.
Textured abstract in shades of green, blue, red and orange. These thickly applied paints form shadows of couples dancing at dusk. 18” x 24”
Shops move merchandise around in their stores all the time to make it look new and exciting. That works for paintings and art you’ve collected over the years too. When you see your favorite painting in a totally new light, the textures of the brush stokes and the contrast of light and bold colours in the painting will catch your eye, you’ll notice how much more you enjoy your space again.
You can rotate wall hangings and paintings between friends’ houses, I have several sisters who rotate art. Or you can rotate art to your office, people now expect to see art at corporate offices and contemporary art works very well in office spaces.
Moving your well loved works of art is a fun afternoon adventure and costs you nothing since you already own the paintings. It may save you from an expensive redesign you’ve been contemplating and instead you might decide buying more abstract paintings for your collection is the smart thing to do.

Dancing at Dusk shown above is an abstract painting in textured acrylic with shades of green, bright blue, dark red and orange. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24". Here music playing at dusk leads to dancing. Enchanted couples dance and laugh all night long.

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