Finding Inspiration for Abstract Painting

When I paint original abstract art I am inspired by creating something out of nothing, so I really don’t need to start with an ideas before painting on canvas. In the process of abstract painting I get inspiration from colour and from layering texture on canvas.
Textured abstract shows red, orange and yellow speckles of sunlight on blue green water. Paint applied in broad curves reveals a pattern left on the water’s surface from skipping stones. 18” x 24”
When creating contemporary abstract paintings I think of what I love: nature, wild flowers, waterfalls, falling leaves, sunsets, wind and storms. Then there is the visual beauty created by colourful street festivals, boats on the water and streets with bold coloured houses in a row. So often when I paint my bold modern abstracts I look out the window, or I think of travelling to exotic places.
Next the movement of my spatula when it hits the canvas feels so natural to me that I am inspired to paint because of the peace of mind it brings me no matter how I’m feeling before I start. With a spatula I create texture with thicken paint colours layered on top of each other, so pops of colour will show through from underneath. In my abstract paintings the bold colours blend together in organic shapes and each new layer adds a depth of texture with shadow and light and I begin to see the image I am creating.
Skipping Stones shown above is an abstract painting in textured acrylic. Colours of yellow, orange and red represent sunlight reflected on blue green rippling water. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24". Young friends pass an afternoon skipping stones, creating a dramatic rainbow of colours on the water’s surface.


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