Abstract Art and Home Decorating

The abstract paintings and decor items you bring into your home express what you are feeling and where your life is headed. Look for abstract paintings and art that reflect that change. Choose abstract art and decor items that add depth, adventure, boldness and inspiration in your home.

Textured abstract in bold colours of blue, green, red, yellow and orange. Textured paint swirls form the faces of angelic children singing together, 18” x 24”

Next consider using abstract paintings and home decor items as a way to improve your life one art piece at a time. A room redesign is a blank canvas for all your hopes and dreams. If you can change what’s happening in your home, you can change what’s happening outside your home as well. Are you searching for more serenity, enlightenment, creativity and love in all aspects of your life.

To bring a living space to life many people want to use colour, but designers will suggest staying with neutrals to better improve resale of a home. Is that a compromise to your everyday living experience? An easy solution is to add daring and colourful abstract paintings throughout your space.

Angels Singing shown above is an abstract painting in textured acrylic in colours of bold blue, bright green, striking red, sunshine yellow and happy orange. This original wall hanging measures 18" x 24". Here children sing together harmoniously and their vibrant faces shine like angels.

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