Bold Abstract Art Creates a Happy Home

Abstract painting is healing. When I paint my spatula connects with the canvas, my arm movements go from rigid to relaxed and I release stress, anger and pain. I paint to feel good and it always works. Now I want to improve everyone’s life through bold colourful abstract paintings.
Textured abstract flowers in blue, purple, green, red, yellow and orange paint applied thickly in bold swirls creating a field of colourful summer blooms, 18” x 24”
Some artist paint their feelings as dark angry images and it’s therapeutic for them. That’s not how I work, bold colourful abstract painting is my therapy. When I enter my painting studio and see all my favorite happy bold paint colours and imagine all the organic free flowing shapes I can create on canvas, my body and mind transformation already starts to take place. My finished abstract paintings don’t reflect any of my negative emotions.
If your artwork and home decor items compete on an emotional level, your living space could be creating chaos within you. For instance if there is a pretty floral abstract hanging on the wall and nearby you have a throw blanket with a hunting scene depicted on it, only keep what seems uplifting and build on that.
Having colourful happy paintings and pleasing decor items in your home will breathe life into your family after a long day. Your environment has a much stronger effect on you than most people realize. Never paint, buy, or hang a painting in your home that will make you feel anything but your best.
Summer Flowers in Bloom shown above is painted with acrylic paint in shades of blue, purple, green, red, yellow and orange and measures 18" x 24". Here flowers open to the welcoming heat of the sun and show off their striking colours to people passing by on an afternoon stroll.


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