Abstract Paintings for Small Spaces

Hanging original abstract paintings in small nooks, landings and hallways provides a great opportunity to create flow from one living area to the next. Many times these spaces can be mystifying, but well placed small abstracts won’t let these often neglected areas fall flat on you.
Textured abstract in shades of deep blue, purple and green. These thickly applied paints form wind swirls, scattered leaves and shadows as the sun goes down, 18” x 24”

Three smaller abstract paintings hanging in a row can have the same visual impact as one larger painting and are more suited to hallways, or small cozy nooks where a larger painting would be too overwhelming.

If you have a small nook or landing with high ceilings consider hanging a few colourful smaller abstracts stacked one above the other, the bright paintings will bring the viewer's eye up and provide the space with an expansive feeling. The colour and texture of the abstracts you choose can vary and the overall effect will still be unifying.
While you don’t have to fill every wall with an original painting, that small surprise you see as you round the corner will be worth it and your guests will enjoy uncovering the story of you and your home through the art you've thoughtfully selected. So don’t miss an opportunity to add design and style to your home with one-of-a kind abstract paintings.
Nightfall shown above is painted with acrylic paint in shades of deep blue, purple and green and measures 18" x 24". Here the wind swirls, leaves scatter and shadows form and grow as the sun sets. A magical time of day when one thing blends into the next and we see we are all truly connected.


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