Why Abstract Paintings Work

No design style or direction in your home decor? Don’t worry an abstract painting creates an instant focal point for your room and a starting point to inspire more improvements.
Textured abstract garden in red, orange and purple with paint applied thickly in broad strokes creating small and large flowers 18” x 24”
Abstract paintings created with bright bold colours are great for developing a colour palette from. With little effort and fantastic results you’ll have a selection of colours for your walls and a choice of accent colours for your room’s decor. You can also continue this colour scheme through to the rest of your home with some variation to create interest.
Abstracts are not just for modern and contemporary styles of furniture anymore. These paintings are great with antiques, or an eclectic mix of everything, even 10 year old beat-up furniture from your college days can look sophisticated with an abstract painting hanging nearby. And if you don’t have very much furniture, abstract paintings suit a very minimalistic approach to design as well. Which means less expense and less clutter to create a dynamic and inviting space for you and your family to enjoy.
Abstract paintings can compensate for alot of home decor blunders, and on your way to a better space your abstract paintings go with you, maintaining their worth and usefulness. I am a full-time artist and I invite you to check back regularly as I often add new dramatic works of art just for your viewing.

Rose Garden at Night shown above is painted with acrylic paint and measures 18" x 24". Enchanting at twilight, this rose garden’s lingering fragrance is intoxicating after the heat of the sun has left for the day and a cooling breeze settles in. Perfect for a romantic stroll.

How to Buy an Abstract Painting for Your Home

I paint for people who have a growing appreciation for their living space and want to improve it. People like myself who realize their surroundings effect how they feel. So if you’re starting a home decorating adventure, begin with the room you’re in most and pick the art first.
Textured abstract with green, orange and yellow paint thickly applied in broad strokes revealing a couple walking through fall leaves, 18” x 24”

To select an abstract painting for your home, first measure the space where you would like your painting to hang. You can even tape newspaper to the wall and block out where you want your abstract to go.

When selecting an abstract painting ask yourself, do you prefer strong colours, contrast of light and dark, texture, or all of the above? When you’ve selected a few favorites then ask, what does each painting say to you, is one abstract more stimulating than the others?

You can’t go wrong with picking the abstract you love most above all others. Trust your gut feelings and put that painting in your cart before someone else snaps it up.

The painting Walking Arm in Arm Through Falling Leaves shown above is painted with acrylic paints in shades of green, red, orange and yellow and measures 18" x 24". Here two companions stroll arm in arm down the street enjoying the fall colours, bundled in warm sweaters, scarves and mittens.

Problem Solving With Abstract Paintings

Original abstract paintings in bold dynamic colour schemes, unusual textures and all sizes are waiting to solve a variety of design dilemas for you. Is your decor issue listed below?

Textured abstract with blue, orange and yellow paint thickly applied forming swirls and circles showing the sun rising above the misty horizon, 18” x 24”

Do you feel unfocused in your living space? Bring comfort and ease to your surroundings with a bright abstract painting as a striking focal point.

Do you have worn-out furniture and a limited budget? Abstract paintings are adaptable and add sophistication and elegance to all furniture styles, yes even well-loved furniture.

Maybe you feel burnt-out as soon as you arrive at the office. Bring inspiration to your workspace with a small abstract art piece and revive your flagging motivation. Office spaces are notoriously unwelcoming. No wonder you don’t want to be there.

Is your view obstructed? With houses and condos being built closer together, this is a common problem. You can’t move the window, but you can bring everyone’s attention to a boldly painted canvas on the opposite wall instead.

Did all your guests leave early from a recent party thrown at your home. Entice your guests with mood enhancing abstract art placed around your home and create atmosphere. Your guests will find a nice comfy spot and enjoy the view and stimulating conversation for hours.

The painting Misty Morning Sunrise shown above is painted with acrylic paint and measures 18" x 24". The sun’s rays are defused by the morning mist as it rises on the horizon, yet some of its bold orange and yellow colour seeps through, hinting at a perfect day ahead.